Nebu~Flow® is unlocking delivery of the next generation of inhaled drugs

The vision

Nebu~Flow® is unlocking delivery of the next generation of inhaled drugs for patients with respiratory disorders, the main cause of death and disability worldwide.

Nebu-Flow®’s technology control of the droplet size for deep lung deposition, enabling injection free systemic drug delivery through inhalation route, especially for cardiovascular and central nerve system disorders.

the problem

Respiratory diseases are known as the leading causes of death and disability in the world, with an estimated clinical costs of €400bn/year.

In the UK, the British Lung Foundation estimates that 10,000 people are diagnosed with a lung disorder every week.

Generally, people living with respiratory diseases are treated by the inhalation of aerosols, where the effective delivery of medication is crucially dependent upon the droplet size distribution. Larger drops are caught in the upper respiratory tract. Despite advances in current nebuliser technology (including both jet and mesh systems) the opportunity remains to improve these devices. The limitations of these devices restricts the adoption of new drugs and vaccines, which have promising potential in treating difficult diseases.


People in the UK are diagnosed with a lung condition every week


Passionate about the environment? So are we.

Here at Nebu-Flow® we are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our activities whilst continuing to create a user-centred, high-performing nebuliser.

The Nebu-Flow® technology:

  • Reduces drug wastage and the carbon footprint associated with drug production
  • Decreases the amount of drug being washed into sewage and its associated environmental impact through the reduction of the drug residual in the device
  • Uses recyclable materials in our product, reducing plastic waste
  • Uses lead-free piezo materials

As a company, we believe it is our duty to act sustainably and contribute to the protection of our planet. Our office is furnished with upcycled furniture, which saved 3tn CO2e. We are also located centrally, with excellent public transport links and endorse a cycle to work scheme.

The company

Nebu~Flow® is a small Start Up with an abundance of knowledge

Nebu-Flow® is comprised of a team of enthusiastic technologists and experts in the field of respiratory drug delivery with more than 150 years of combined experience in respiratory drug delivery. We are collaborating with world-renowned specialists to develop our unique nebuliser to deliver fragile and hard-to-nebulise drugs, including emerging, novel, high-value therapeutic drugs. Many of these drugs are potentially life-changing formulations with no available method for direct delivery to the lung and therefore currently have greatly reduced clinical utility.

Company Timeline


  • Technology development ​
  • Market research through awards such as Scottish Government Unlocking Ambition award from the Royal Society of Edinburgh


  • Official registration of Acu-Flow Limited ​​
  • Scottish Edge Higgs Award​


  • £250k funding from  Innovate UK​
  • Acu-Flow awarded the Lee Lucas Award from the Institute of Physics​


  • £80k SMART Feasibility Award from Scottish Enterprise ​


  • £1.75m equity funding​
  • £1m biomedical catalyst project from Innovate UK​
  • ​Establish and equip Acu-Flow premises​
  • ​Presentation of data in OINDP and  DDL 2022


  • Attended RDD in Antibes, France where we presented our poster on our ‘Tuneable Nebuliser Platform’​
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