Enabling the efficient delivery of hard-to-nebulise drugs

What do we do?

Nebu-Flow®’s patented aerosol formation technology enables efficient delivery of hard-to-nebulise drugs to the lungs, including both existing formulations and emerging high-value therapeutics such as biologics and vaccines.

We have demonstrated a new acoustic technology, enabling the creation of aerosols with the required size for effective pulmonary drug delivery from a wider range of formulations than previously possible. The technology is based on the control of sound waves on the surface of materials (surface acoustic waves, SAWs).

A bit more technical…

SAWs are generated on piezoelectric materials through the use of resonant structures (interdigitated electrodes). Upon reaching a volume of liquid placed in their paths, SAWs refract in the liquid, transferring part of the mechanical energy to it, which results in agitation and surface vibration. For MHz frequencies, these vibrations at the surface of the liquid lead to drop ejection. By coupling these into microstructure arrays, our patented technology provides:

  • Precise control over the aerosol droplet size in the clinically-useful range (i.e. smaller than 5µm), enhancing the efficiency of pulmonary drug delivery
  • The nebulisation of hard-to-nebulise drugs including complex low surface tension formulations and suspensions

The Nebu~Flow® solution

We are developing a new class of nebuliser technology that overcomes the current limitations:

  • Enables delivery of biologics and hard-to-nebulise drugs
  • Increases drug delivery efficiency
  • Reduces the drug delivery time
  • Enables delivery of small drug volume
  • Patented technology provides extended protection for pharma industry

Passionate about the environment? So are we.

Here at Nebu-Flow® we are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our activities whilst continuing to create a user-centred, high-performing nebuliser.

The Nebu-Flow® technology:

  • Reduces drug wastage and the carbon footprint associated with drug production
  • Decreases the amount of drug being washed into sewage and its associated environmental impact through the reduction of the drug residual in the device
  • Uses recyclable materials in our product, reducing plastic waste
  • Uses lead-free piezo materials

As a company, we believe it is our duty to act sustainably and contribute to the protection of our planet. Our office is furnished with upcycled furniture, which saved 3tn CO2e.  We are also located centrally, with excellent public transport links, and endorse a cycle-to-work scheme.

Benefits of our technology

Short nebulisation time
Easy cleaning
Precise control
Range of formulations


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