A new generation of nebulisers for optimised inhalation delivery of a wide range of formulations

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Our innovative nebuliser technology is able to control the aerosol droplet size below 5µm for optimum delivery of drugs to the right location in the lungs. Nebu~Flow® can nebulise a wide range of formulations including those with low surface tension, suspension and biologics.

We are here to support you in achieving your goals and developing efficient nebulised therapies. Nebu~Flow’s® new generation of nebuliser is a flexible platform that can be adjusted to your needs, whether you have a formulation with a small molecule or more challenging ones with low surface tension or containing suspended particles/liposomes. Our technology has the capability to be adopted to your formulation and generate an outstanding drug-device product.  

Our deep market research and engagements with healthcare providers as well as patients and carers provides us with an in-depth understanding of their requirements and how can our digital interface help them achieving better clinical outcome.

Tobramycin 40mg/ml

Typical mesh nebuliser
MMAD (µm)
FPF (%)

Atrovent (250µg/ml)

Typical mesh nebuliser
MMAD (µm)
FPF (%)

50% (v/v) ethanol

Typical mesh nebuliser
MMAD (µm)
FPF (%)

Nebu-Flow® technology advantages

Control droplet size for efficient delivery:
Reduces the drug volume as well as delivery time
A soft nebulisation method:
Enables delivery of suspension and biologics
Ability to nebulise drugs with low surface tension:
Enables delivery of large dose at short time
Low residual:
Reduces the burden of treatment  and unnecessary drug production
Digital healthcare:
Better clinical outcome for all
Breath actuated:
Increases drug delivery efficiency while reducing the drug volume and delivery time

Passionate about the environment? So are we.

Here at Nebu~Flow® we are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our activities whilst continuing to create a user-centred, high-performing nebuliser.

The Nebu~Flow® technology:

  • Reduces drug wastage and the carbon footprint associated with drug production
  • Decreases the amount of drug being washed into sewage and its associated environmental impact through the reduction of the drug residual in the device
  • Uses recyclable materials in our product, reducing plastic waste
  • Uses lead-free piezo materials

As a company, we believe it is our duty to act sustainably and contribute to the protection of our planet. Our office is furnished with upcycled furniture, which saved 3tn CO2e. We are also located centrally, with excellent public transport links and endorse a cycle to work scheme.

How we can add IP protection?

Our new patents, compared to the product in the market, can provide a better and longer term protection for drug-device combination products.

  1. Tailored droplet size for unique drug delivery efficiency
  2. Breath actuation
  3. Low drug volume
  4. Design protection such as RFID tag or key/lock for drug ampule

Watch A Novel Nebuliser Technology to learn why nebulised therapy is the way forward and how we can help you to develop your formulations.

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